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Discuss key points invovled in Andragogy; respond to compelling questions.


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1.3 Chapter 3: Adult learners: Andragogy: The art and science of helping adult students learn


Merriam, S. B., & Bierema, L. L. (2013).

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Chapter 3

The learners self concept



Problem-centered orientation

Internal motivation

The need to know

Presentation: Learning Theory & Adult learners



In groups discuss your redesign and use the rubrics table to evaluate each other's suggestions.

Take a topic that you are thinking about teaching that has traditionally been taught in a teacher-centered, lecture format mode. How can you redesign the course to employ some if not all of the six assumptions of andragogy?


Knowles Assumptions of Andragogy rubric






1. As a person matures, his or her self-concept moves from that of a dependent personality to ward one of self-directed learning human being.





2. An adult accumulates a growing reservoir of experience, which is a rich resource for learning.





3. The readiness of an adult to learn is closely related to the developmental tasks of his or her social role.





4. There is a change in time perspective as people mature—from future application of knowledge to immediacy of application. Thus, an adult is more problem centered than subject centered in learning.





5. Internal motivation, rather than external motivators mostly drives adults.





6. Adults need to know the reason for learning something.










Key: 3 = Consistent with the assumption; 2 = Partially Consistent with the assumption; 1 = Not yet consistent with the assumption


After Class

On Blackboard Unit 1

Do Assignment 1.3 

Recall a good and a bad learning experience and write a short narrative describing each.

What was different?

What Knowles assumptions were seen in the good experience?

How could the bad experience be transformed?

Use the senarios at the beginning of chapter 3 to guide your writing


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